Reflections Along the Jesus Way

June 13, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“I believe that physical death is not the end of God’s pursuit of us, and I base that belief primarily on the full and complete (as I understand it) revelation of God within the pages of the Bible… My hopeful perspective of God’s pursuit of all of us – and I do mean ALL – is that he will do whatever it takes to win us.  However, I also think he allows us to make choices and respects our choices – many biblical passages speak to this, perhaps none better than the Prodigal Son, when the father ‘lets’ the son leave his house.  He honors the son’s request for his inheritance – he respects his son’s decision, though of course he knows it will lead to heartache and misery.  The son is not, it seems, a small child – but a full-grown adult.  That said, I dogmatically do not agree with the universalism that insists God will ‘save’ everyone no matter what – such a view is akin to a forced marriage.”

Originally published in:

Christianity Without the Religion magazine, February 2022


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