Reflections Along the Jesus Way

June 20, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“…the most popular religious messages on billboards across the United States are statements attributed to a direct quote from God: 1) ‘Don’t make me come down there,’ and 2) ‘You think it’s hot here?’ (usually found in the south and in sunbelt states).

Legalistic religion is selling us a bill of goods.  Performance-based religion is convincing us that God is angry, and of course that’s easy for us to believe because we already believe God has every reason to be angry with us.  We know Jesus Christ is justified in coming back to this world, wiping us all out, and starting all over again.  We don’t need any proof of that.  Unbiblical religion convinces us that God is upset and that Jesus will return once he finally loses his patience.  Religious legalism, of course, tells us there is a way out and, in return for our compliance, offers us a way to get out of town so we don’t have to be on this earth when Jesus comes back.”

Originally published in:

Revelation Revolution


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