Reflections Along the Jesus Way

June 27, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“When I was a young boy my mother and I used to sit on my grandmother’s front porch, on North 8th Street in Herington, Kansas, looking into the summer sky.  I never knew my father, since he was killed when I was only 15 months old, so my mother would tell me that my father was one of the stars twinkling up in the sky.  So because my mother, the ultimate authority in my world at the time, told me so, I thought my father was ‘up there’ with God.

As I grew older I realized that my father was not a twinkling star up in the heavens, any more than Santa Claus delivers presents to all the children of the world on Christmas Eve, or that the Easter bunny lays chocolate eggs.  But the idea that God was ‘up there’ stayed with me – and I suspect that you probably had some idea about God being ‘up there” as well.

Maybe you still do – if you do, you’re certainly not alone.  The vast majority of people who believe in God believe that he is in a singular, precise heavenly location.  God is way too small for most people.  Most people – including many if not most Christians, believe God is somewhere, in a space-time location (like we humans are) at the expense of not being somewhere else in a space-time location.” 

Originally published in:

Spiritual Soup for the Hungry Soul, Volume 1


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