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June 29, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“Many Christians are missing the point of Revelation because they’re reading it as though it were a newspaper, with verses lined up and seemingly corresponding to an event in today’s news, or the news they’ve been told will almost certainly be printed in the newspaper in the next month or next year.

Reading the book of Revelation as if it were an advance copy of next week’s or next month’s newspaper has resulted in many people losing faith in God when world events don’t work out the way they were told they would.  Whose fault is that?  Is it God’s fault, or the bogus interpretation and fatally flawed methodology used when they first read this critically important book? Not only does reading Revelation like a newspaper completely misrepresent and misinterpret God, it gives non-Christians just the excuse they are looking for to resist and deny the claims of the Bible.  For those who are running away from God, the unending parade of silly and superstitious speculations and predictions gives them a reason to label all Christians as people who don’t have a brain in their head or at least one they are using.” 

Originally published in:

Revelation Revolution


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