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July 6, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“When I was a young boy, I loved sports (still do). Sports fascinated me. I wanted to make either participation in or reporting about athletic endeavors my life. My mother, though she and my stepfather were often hard pressed to pay all their bills, recognized my desire and purchased a subscription to Sports Illustrated (SI) for me… Over the years SI apparently determined to grow its circulation and demographic appeal by catering to a wider audience than simply sports fans who wish to read unembellished accounts of athletic endeavors. In a thinly veiled (pun intended) attempt to increase circulation, SI added an annual swimsuit issue. After all, SI could reason, women’s swimsuits are at least ostensibly produced for swimming, and swimming is a sport. Such reasoning does not change the fact that many parents today would not consider a subscription to a magazine that included the SI swimsuit issue for their ten-year-old son. 

What does the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue have to do with the Book of Revelation?  Dispensationalism [author’s note: a method of biblical interpretation that divides history into different periods (dispensations), that requires a literal interpretation of Scripture and a premillennial view of eschatology] has added a new sensational spin on Revelation, seducing the curious with peep-show-like promises of insights about the future. Religious oppressors and profiteers have turned this sacred book into a prophetic strip show, luring the unsuspecting into its twisted and perverted interpretations while emptying their pockets. This twist on the Book of Revelation was not all the message intended by the Messenger.” 

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Revelation Revolution


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