Reflections Along the Jesus Way

July 9, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“Christ-less religions that fly the flag of Christ… are themselves guilty of massive attacks, savagery and brutalities of others – simply because ‘others’ do not appear to be Christians. We must not forget the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the bloody wars in Europe centering on the Reformation and afterwards. We must not forget the attempt to ‘evangelize’ pagans by the various Christian empires of Europe as they attempted to colonize the not-so-advanced areas of the world – like Africa, India, Asia, North and South America.

Several centuries ago the largest church within Christendom felt justified in bringing people into what it called ‘the kingdom of God’ by the sword – by torture, by brutality, by mass murder. We must not forget the Bible has been used – and for that matter, is still being used by sincere individuals, as a club – a weapon. The Bible is used by some to threaten, intimidate and prove others wrong. The Bible is used by some to justify their know-it-all status as being spiritually superior to others.”  

Originally published in:

Spiritual Soup for the Hungry Soul, Volume 1


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