Reflections Along the Jesus Way

July 16, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“There’s an old story about the latest group of new arrivals in heaven who were huddled together in front of the pearly gates, waiting for St. Peter to greet them and welcome them inside. A few adventurous ones climbed up on the wrought iron fence, peering through, trying to see what heaven was really like.

Suddenly, those who were looking through the fence saw someone who they all remembered as a great sinner on earth. The new arrivals were scandalized. One person demanded, ‘What’s he doing here?’ Another new arrival said, ‘After all I went through to get here and after all my hard work, now I find I’m going to have to live for all eternity with the likes of that sinner?

Within a few minutes, the group worked itself into a frenzy of rage. They were all outraged and disgusted by God’s generosity and his forgiveness, and there, standing at the gates of heaven, they all started to curse God.” 

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