Sock Puppets and Servants – Stuart Segall

When I was young, in the early 60’s, I played with a simple sock. When my hand was in the sock, that sock could be anybody I imagined. When I was done, the great personage it was, simply became a sock again, once my hand was removed.

People of God, servants and shepherds are like that. We humans can be deeply moved when Jesus puts His hand inside a human and uses that person in a wonderful way. We often see the person, but it is the hand inside that is really working the magic.

The followers of Jesus never thought Jesus would die as a young man. At least He should be middle aged, let alone at a full and ripe old age. Again, what is happening? It seemed that all the apostles, save John, died “too young.” The risen Lord, like Himself, allowed His hand to move on to others when He decided it was His time.

My brothers and sisters, there is a lesson here we are reminded. There are many socks…but only One hand. Neither the Lord nor His sheep are lost and adrift when one of His socks (one of His servants) is put to rest.

The Lord throughout the ages has allowed the sock to go despite the wonderful job it did. He wants you and me to remember it is not the person, but the hand of the Lord guiding, directing and inspiring.

With a child’s eyes we can see more than just the sock.  Look up and see your Redeemer and Lord who lives. There is a legacy in which we esteem the Lord. He has shown us that when one of His beloved socks are done in His time, if we honor Him, He will always continue to put His hand in those He uses and will reveal to you, that you will always have a Good Shepherd to follow.

Are you in pain because you are sensing loss with someone who fits this description?  Is there someone you know who you can see Christ living in, and yet they are at or near closing time?

One thing I know, that wonderful person, servant, shepherd or pastor will rest and ultimately rise and the Eternal Shepherd will be honored because you worship Him. He will be honored because you follow Him and He will always show Himself in another wonderful servant or shepherd that will remind you of the hand that is in the sock.

Let’s continue to pray for divine intervention for those we love.  It is wonderful to ask for a miracle, but ultimately, we pray and ask for His will, and are reminded about His plan being worked out. 

Let us remember always to trust and show the Lord that we look to Him and honor Him knowing in faith the same hands in the sock puppet are the same hands we are placed in.  We truly are in perfect hands.

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