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Listen to Greg Albrecht Unplugged

"Take Away the Stone" Greg Albrecht Unplugged - Weekly Podcast Message A short message from John 11 on Jesus setting us free and a new life in him. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/GA032.mp3 Links to Greg Albrecht Unplugged

A Short Talk With Steve Bell

Steve Bell is one of the most celebrated and gifted Christian musicians in Canada.  He has released twenty albums and performed all over the world, including with symphonies all across Canada and the United States.   Grant Corriveau, a talented writer and author (CWRpress published his book “Uplift --  A Pilot’s Journey” in  2018) is a huge fan of Steve and recently sent me a short audio of Steve reflecting on his early life, including the back story about the unlikely place where he learned to play the guitar.   Grant has secured permission for us to share this short audio (a little over six minutes) ...