Under Authority – a book by Kimalee Finelli

Based on a true story, Under Authority is Kate Elliot’s unusual account of what took place at Cross Independent Baptist Church in New England during her childhood and teen years. The pastor, Rhuttland Abbott—or the Reverend as people referred to him—believed he had been placed behind the pulpit directly by God. To question him was to question God, resulting in swift church discipline. Those unwilling to comply with his self-imposed rules and regulations would face severe, cruel, and unreasonable penalties.

Kate finally escapes this vindictive environment and builds a new life in a new city. But after twenty years of running, she finds herself back in her hometown facing the ghosts of her past and the ongoing pain from harsh sermons, shocking incidents, and the fate of those who did not obey the Reverend—including several deaths.

Will Kate continue to run or will she find a way to overcome her fear and the far-reaching fingers of the Reverend’s authority?

A book by Kimalee Finelli  – Available on Amazon

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