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March 2024

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Articles: New Birth Through the Resurrection – pg. 1 What's in an Anniversary? – pg. 2 Prophecy Pays: The Gospel Frees – pg. 5 Inside and Out – pg. 6 Sidewalk Wrinkles – pg. 7 Quotes & Connections – pg. 8

Under Authority – a book by Kimalee Finelli – Follow Up

Follow Up Post to the Original Post on January 17, 2024: During my years of attending a legalistic church in New England, I began to realize something was lacking from nearly every harsh sermon I managed to sit through.  I left church most Sunday mornings with feelings of guilt for which I had no explanation.  Had I sinned in some way? Was God displeased with me? Why couldn’t I measure up to expectations of obedience or submit to authority? Decades passed before I learned what was missing in my life. The answer was grace. One little word – could it really be that simple? Excerpt from chapter 27 of Under Authority, by ...

Under Authority – a book by Kimalee Finelli

Based on a true story, Under Authority is Kate Elliot’s unusual account of what took place at Cross Independent Baptist Church in New England during her childhood and teen years. The pastor, Rhuttland Abbott—or the Reverend as people referred to him—believed he had been placed behind the pulpit directly by God. To question him was to question God, resulting in swift church discipline. Those unwilling to comply with his self-imposed rules and regulations would face severe, cruel, and unreasonable penalties. Kate finally escapes this vindictive environment and builds a new life in a new city. But after twenty years of running, ...