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Is the Coronavirus the Sign of the End? by Greg Albrecht

Here we go again.  It’s the end of the world … again!  It seems with every catastrophe, war and pandemic the prognosticators, soothsayers, fortune tellers, scam artists and snake oil salesman come out of the woodwork,  peddling their tonics, elixirs and solutions.  Sadly, many do so by twisting the Bible into a pretzel like configuration, as “proof” of their ideas, books and products.   As alarming news of the coronavirus started to spread, Jim Bakker, a discredited televangelist who served almost five years in jail for defrauding his listeners and followers, was back in action.  He started to ...

CWR video – “Christ: The Lion and the Lamb” – Brad Jersak

4 Views of Revelation – Steve Gregg

Reprinted from the March/April 2003 Plain Truth --Ask most people -- Christian or non-Christian -- what they think the book of Revelation is about, and chances are they will tell you it is a book about the "end of the world." Chances are, they have never heard any other way to understand this book filled with strange beasts, symbolism and ominous signs of doom. Most people are unaware that there is any other way to understand this mysterious last book of the Bible. But the futurist view (that Revelation is predicting events yet to be fulfilled) is only one of four traditional Christian ways of looking at the Bible's most enigmatic ...

The Revelation about Human Accomplishment — The End of it All

In this last program of our 10-program series on the book of Revelation, Greg talks about Jesus' conclusion in his Revelation to us, as well as the heritage Jesus offers us in it.

The Music and the Millennium of the Book of Revelation

Included in Revelation's greatest hits is the song in chapter 5, "Worthy Is The Lamb," and a new song in chapter 15, "The Song of the Lamb," based on the song of Moses. What is the message of Revelation's music, and what is this thing called "the Millennium" all about?

Revelation: Plagues, Armageddon and the Fall of Babylon

Jesus Christ is the divine author, central character and hero of the Book of Revelation, but who are the bad guys? To whom was Revelation originally written and why was it written?

Revelation: Chapters 12-15 — The Woman and the Dragon

Who are the woman, the dragon, the Antichrist and the beast? Religion has perverted the message of Revelation for almost 2,000 years, but Greg shows how God's grace cuts through the religious fog and mystery promulgated by misinformed or misdirected teachers.

Revelation: The Sealing of the Saints and the 7th Seal

Who are the 144,000, and who are the "great multitude"? What are the woes and the trumpets all about? The book of Revelation -- a message from Christ to us of understanding and hope.

Revelation: Chapters 4-6 — The First 6 Seals

The Book of Revelation is the capstone on God's special, written revelation to humanity completing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don't miss today's program as Greg talks about the first 6 of the 7 seals.

Messages to the Last 4 of the 7 Churches of Revelation

Greg shows the struggle between religion and grace already going on in the early churches addressed in the Book of Revelation. Jesus meant for the book of Revelation to give hope and comfort, not crippling fear.

Messages to the First 3 of the 7 Churches of Revelation

Greg strips away the religious barnacles from the book of Revelation as he begins our study of the seven churches of Revelation. He shows what the messages meant to the churches who first heard them and the relevance they have for us today.

Revelation — A Book For You?

In manipulating their hearers with the book of Revelation's bizarre images and doomsday scenarios the purveyors of pop prophecy create much fear and misunderstanding.