Who Killed Jesus? – Greg Albrecht

It’s high noon in Dry Gulch. Two lone figures are walking down the dusty street, getting closer and closer to their inevitable face-off.

According to religious interpretations, God the Father is the good guy on the streets of Dry Gulch. God is the Lawman—the quickest and fastest draw ever. Nobody ever gets the drop on God.

The bad guy? That would be, according to religion, you and me. God the Lawman has said “enough already.” He has called us out and we are approaching the gates of hell.

Our mothers told us if we didn’t change our ways, we would pay a severe penalty. Our pastors and priests warned us about God’s wrath. This is our Judgment Day, and Father God is the judge, jury and executioner.

The badge on the Father’s chest reflects the noonday sun—lightning bolt flashes of intense light momentarily blind us. We are resigned to our fate—this won’t end well.

Thoughts are racing through our minds with each and every step of our death march. God has cut us so much slack over the years, maybe he has lost his patience and he is tired of us taking advantage of him. Maybe this time he just can’t look the other way. We broke his laws and now his laws will break us. This time we’ll have to pay for our sins.

God the Father, the Lawman, has had it “up to here” with bad guys like you and me who keep breaking his laws. Sure, we’ve been told the Father loves us, but Father God has to make us pay because he enforces law and order.

When the distance between us narrows to about thirty feet, Father God stops. We stop. The time has come. We’re staring death in the face—death in the unflinching, stern face of the Lawman whom we have been told loves us so much.

This showdown at high noon is God’s love? The Lawman loves us so much that he will kill us and send us to an ever-burning inferno of eternal hellfire?

Did God Kill Jesus?

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