Will God Forget Me if I Forget Him? – Greg Albrecht


I am worried that I might find myself with diminished cognitive capacities – and in some way I might not remember God just like I may not remember other important realities.  What if I forget God – surely he won’t forget me?


Thanks for your comment and thoughts.   In brief, as I see God’s love in our lives:

  1. God loves the whole world
  2. God thus loves people even though they don’t seem to know he loves them.
  3. God thus loves people who once seemed to know God loved them and tried to love him back but now they don’t care or remember him anymore.
  4. God thus loves people even though they don’t want him to love them

So – God loves us regardless.  He loves us first (1 John 4:19) which is the only way we can love him.  He loves us always and forever.  He loves us even when we cannot remember him, for whatever reason.  He loves us when we are unconscious, and near death.  He loves us when we have died, and will one day resurrect us.  God loves us not because and if and when we are good, he loves us because he is good.

God is our heavenly Father.  Parents love their little children even when their children do not appreciate what their parents are doing for them, even when their children misbehave.  In painful but real and tragic circumstances, parents experience their children being taken away from them and they have no idea where they are.  Parents still love their children.  It’s a human illustration, and therefore far from perfect, of the love God has for you and me, now and forever.

In Christ, Greg Albrecht

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