A More Christlike Way – Receives Rave Reviews

Brad Jersak’s, A More Christlike Way, published by CWRpress in early 2019, continues to receive rave reviews! 

  • Your ability to introduce the Jesus Way in the context of our current highly politicized world and highly politicized religions, offers us something important and unique. I was certainly challenged to reevaluate my own position on the left-right political spectrum in view of your important warnings against making my politics into a new religion.
  • I don’t know if you’ll see this but I wanted to say that your book helped me a lot….I finished it about a month ago and it brought some things to light that I have held in for years from abuse of the church. It made me weep a lot and laugh with joy….it’s people like you who aren’t afraid to speak the truth that brings to light what God is really like and I thank you and the father for that.
  • I just finished reading your book – A More Christlike Way. Thank you for writing this! I honestly wasn’t sure it would live up to the standard that you set forth in the prequel – A More Christlike God – but I can honestly say that I found it very helpful on many levels.
  • By the way, thank you so much for including your transformative experience with the movie Apocalypse Now and your exchange of letters with Martin Sheen. I too found that this movie rocked my boat when I saw it in the theater when it was first released. In retrospect, I have often viewed this film as transformative in my own understanding of the evils of war, particularly the non-dualistic reality of opposing forces in any war.
  • A More Christlike Way uncovers the original beauty of the Jesus Way by identifying four counterfeit ways and then through exploring seven facets or aspects of the Jesus Way. The Jesus Way is one that is rooted in love, it is self-emptying (kenosis), cross-carrying and Grace-energized and fleshed out for us in the Sermon on the Mount. A personal standout point for me is the author’s use of the word grace in a much more personal way, he uses it as a name for the Spirit much as many of us are used to using Word as a name for Jesus. Grace has become a more practical word for me because of it, about learning to abide and walk in the Spirit of Father’s divine love. 

According to Karl Forehand of The Desert Sanctuary Podcast, Brad’s podcast introducing his book received top honors as their most downloaded podcast of 2019.  A More Christlike Way continues to enjoy strong sales and a growing exposure.  To order your copy of A More Christlike Way, or Brad’s first book in the series, A More Christlike God, please click the links below.

(Order “A More Christlike Way” Here)

(Order “A More Christlike God” Here)

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