What Is Our Eternal Reward? – Greg Albrecht

Q: What is our eternal reward?

A:The Bible does speak of a reward, but should that reward be viewed as a prize given as a response for our diligent performance of deeds, then our reward would not be by grace through faith, but of works. According to the gospel of Jesus Christ a measured reward we receive on the basis of our own efforts cannot be the reward the biblical writers have in mind. The New Testament is clear and absolute: our eternal reward is given, rather than earned. Everything we as Christ-followers are able to produce by ourselves here in this temporal life is physical and has a shelf life. Nothing we can produce, apart from God, is worthy, nor is it sufficient, for God to respond by giving an eternal reward.

Eternal, immortal rewards for efforts extended by mortal humans are not possible. If I go to the grocery store here in the United States and try to purchase goods with the currency of China, Mexico or Russia, my purchase will be refused. I must use the currency “of the realm.” The currency of the realm of the kingdom of God is grace, and grace alone can produce eternal rewards. The very best rewards we can earn, apart from God’s grace, are short-lived, and perish with the end of our earthly sojourn.

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