You Are Loved – Greg Albrecht

This week is Mother’s Day here in North America, and we extend a huge thank-you to all mothers, as we celebrate their role in our lives. Having said that, in the midst of all our Mother’s Day celebrations we should remember that the outward trappings of Mother’s Day often overwhelm the spiritual elements. Phone calls and greeting cards and flowers and lunches and gifts have come to be an expected part of observing this special time.

But sometimes grown children, free from the prompting of teachers at school or reminders from their fathers, can forget to call or send a card. Sometimes grown children resent their mothers, for one reason or another, and refuse to acknowledge her on Mother’s Day. During this time, some mothers who don’t receive the kind of appreciation from their children that they once did, or that some of their friends who are also mothers do, can become depressed. Then there are women who have never been able to become mothers, for one reason or another, and who find this celebration to be a reminder of what they perceive to be their own failures and inadequacies.

So Mother’s Day, as with many other celebrations, can have unintended consequences on us as physical, limited and imperfect mortals. For that reason, it’s helpful to place our focus on this day beyond the physical, as we focus on God’s unconditional love.

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