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January 24, 2023 – Quote for the Day

“My computer screen flickered for a moment, and then the video my friend from Indiana sent me started to play.  An ordinary guy was sitting in front of his computer screen – he looked at me and said: ‘I got an email the other day which said … Jesus loves you.’

Ordinary guy thought, ‘that’s nice,’ but then he read the rest of the email which said…If you don’t start doing what Jesus says you’re going to burn in hell forever.’

Ordinary guy pondered…‘So, this love Jesus has for me is conditional. I can understand that.  Love has conditions attached.  That’s the way I understand love.  When we got married I loved my wife [picture of gorgeous young woman posing by a swimming pool].  But then she gained some weight [picture of the same woman, older, having gained a lot of weight, eating snacks while watching television] so I stopped loving her.  Now we’re divorced.  I know.  I’m shallow.  But somehow I thought Jesus would be different.’

Ordinary guy wrote back to this Christian…‘If Jesus loves me, why does he want to send me to hell?’

He got this reply…He doesn’t want to, but if you don’t accept him he has to.

Bewildered, ordinary guy took his eyes off his computer screen and stared into space, wrestling with his dilemma: ‘I’m confused.  Doesn’t Jesus make the rules?  Surely if he doesn’t want to do something he doesn’t have to.’ 

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