Reflections Along the Jesus Way

August 15, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“When introducing myself to an audience that does not know me, I often adapt the phrase customarily used in Alcoholics Anonymous – except I apply it to Not So Anonymous Legalists. ‘Hi, I’m Greg, and I’m a religious legalist.’  Of course, by God’s grace, much of my legalism is in the past.  However, I never want to be so naïve as to think that legalism can never get its grimy tentacles on me again.

I am, by God’s grace, a recovering legalist.  I have legalistic scars. I am as susceptible to religious legalism as a recovering alcoholic is to wine.  Given the ever-present danger of legalism, my goal is to be an irreligious Christian.  We who have made the journey from religion to Jesus realize that such a spiritual journey is possible because ‘nothing is impossible with God’” (Luke 1:37).’ 

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Rejecting Religion – Embracing Grace

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