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Help Us Help Others

Please consider helping us help others. Plain Truth Ministries (PTM) is a community of Christ-followers, friends and partners who believe in the spiritual freedom found in “Christianity without the religion.” PTM ministers to and provides spiritual nourishment and resources for religious refugees around the world. PTM offers hope and encouragement to those who have been imprisoned and disenfranchised by toxic and legalistic religion. Our financial supporters in the U.S. and Canada receive hardcopies of our monthly magazines and partner letters. In addition, our website: www.ptm.org offers audio messages for every day of the week, as ...

Help Is On the Way

Today's sermon is for those who find themselves lost in a spiritual desert, baked by the blazing sun, desperately trying to find some shade, and above all, some life-giving water. The good news is that there is no “God-forsaken” place in which we may find ourselves where God is not present. Help is on the way!