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When the Incarnation Gets Personal – Michael Frack

The thing about Christmas and the Incarnation that every now and then breaks through my stoic emotional defenses and leaves me blubbering like a child, is that God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, who sits on the Throne above every Throne, loves not just the human race in general, but loves me, cares enough for me, that he took on my flesh and my frame and came to be like me – that he came to know my suffering, and my darkness, and my pain – and that he came to be rejected as I am rejected. That he came into my mess to make his home in my despair, to live his life in the places where I can only see pain and death. That he came to take the ...

August 2017

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Does Paul Young’s “The Shack” Teach Universalism? – Stuart Hazeldine (director of the movie)

Paul Young is on record as saying he is a ‘hopeful Universalist’, for which there is much precedent amongst the early church fathers. And in a way, who isn’t? Does anyone not wish that ultimately everyone will see God for who He really is then lay down their sinful and selfish ways and embrace him? Does anyone actively want to see anyone else punished for all eternity? I certainly don’t.

The End of Religion – Zack Lacy

It’s been a rough start and it’s going to be a long journey, but Jesus is slowly leading me out of the destructive lies that religion has fed me. I started following Jesus about seven years ago, but before that and along the way I believe the most destructive thing that has happened has been the false lies I have been taught about who Jesus really was and what it really means to follow him. I speak from the disillusionment of my own life. And I’m learning that many others do too. Fil Anderson, author of Running on Empty and Breaking the Rules, is an author and spiritual director. Listen as he writes that, “an especially significant problem ...

January 2017

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Jul-Aug 16

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CWR video – “Fashionable Like Jesus” – Bruce Friesen