Abp Lazar Puhalo on the “More Christlike” Trilogy

“I am not at all sure I see the value in all of the ‘high theology’. Much of it is really theological philosophy. It is of value for keeping false images, potentially idolatries, from developing, but Christians really need a simple faith.

That is why I think your ‘More Christlike’ series is of such great value. Much theological writing is really for an intellectual elite. It can discourage the faithful because of its complexities. Of far greater value to the faithful is the presentation of a simple faith – a presentation that is guarded by the boundaries set by the Fathers, but presented in a manner comprehensible and meaningful to everyone. I cannot recommend your ‘More Christlike…’ series highly enough.”

Archbishop Lazar Puhalo

A More Christlike God, A More Christlike Way and A More Christlike Word by author Bradley Jersak are available from Books from CWR Press · CWR/PTM.

The books are also available from Amazon and many other online book sellers.

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