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Why are Christians so Divided and Polarized? by Greg Albrecht

QUESTION: Why does it seem so many people (including and especially Christians) are divided and polarized? RESPONSE: Most churches and ministries publish a statement of beliefs – you can find ours under “About” on our home page (www.ptm.org) under the heading “We Believe.” Our statement is short, deliberately, because we believe the focus of our faith and our ministry is Jesus Christ alone, and that there are many non-essential issues (about which we believe people of faith may differ). But when an issue is made of peripheral non-essentials, those topics can end up being exalted beyond and even instead of Jesus Christ. In ...

June 2022

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Greg Albrecht: THIS is God – pg. 2 Ed Dunn: A Father's Gift – pg. 5 Brad Jersak: Does God Have Enemies? – pg. 7