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Why Do You Deny the Bible is the Final Authority? – Greg Albrecht

QUESTION: I would like to talk to you about the fact that the Bible is the final authority. You don’t seem to believe that or practice that.  What do you believe about the morals of your life? Where do you use rules for your life since it seems you only believe the Bible is out of the picture? Why can't you just believe that the Bible is whole and you can’t just take pieces out? Thank you so much for answering my questions! RESPONSE: Thank you for your questions.  You raise an important topic and a long answer would be necessary in order to cover all the bases - here's a few thoughts which may spur further thoughts – we also ...

Inspired, Infallible & Inerrant? by Greg Albrecht

If God intended to produce an infallible and inerrant literary document, surely he would not have used so many fallible humans in the writing, editing, preservation, translation, production and printing (not to mention interpretation) of the Bible! ----------------------------------------------------------- At some point in the past you may have fallen for some theological pied piper who lured you down a sawdust trail with selected biblical passages, lining them up as proof texts to say what the piper wanted them to mean. We are providing deeper insight for our readers and listeners to better understand and interpret the Bible—so as to ...

April 2020

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