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Breakfast with Brad – Moving On (5/12) – Gore, Genocide and Omelettes

Must we believe that God literally commanded the extermination of whole people groups in the Old Testament conquest narratives? Or could we attribute some of those incidents to human violence done in the name of God to justify their actions? BONUS MATERIAL: Matt Lynch on "The Joshua Conquest"  

Breakfast with Brad – Mother’s Day, Little Granny & Christian ‘Success’

Taking a break from the 'Moving On' series, Brad recalls his little 'Tea Granny,' Elsie Ditchfield, who demonstrated what true Christian success looks like. It starts with toast and tea!

Breakfast with Brad – Forgiveness, Resentment and Justice

PTM.org's 'Breakfast with Brad' - In which Brad must practice forgiveness against a great injustice lest his resentment morphs into malice, vengeance and violence. Without forgiveness, our attempts at justice become hateful and self-righteous. Notice too how Brad cleverly projects his own error (buying the wrong product) onto the supposed offender. Classic.

Breakfast with Brad – Moving on (11/12) – Froot Loops, Hellfire & Vidi Aquam

In which Brad features a hat that belonged to his grandfather, William Ditchfield, prepares to eat pure sugar & explores the question (not the doctrine) of hell. Below the video, we're also featuring a beautiful song based in an ancient chant, Vidi Aquam ("I saw water"). Is there a river that can extinguish the fires of hell?  Revelation 22: 1Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And ...

“Breakfast with Brad” – “Silly but harmful”

In which Brad eats Campbell's chicken noodle soup, spouts a silly (but harmless) childhood poem, then cites an example of a silly (but very harmful) theology. For the toxic citation, see below:       

PTM.org’s Breakfast with Brad – Riboflavin, Faith & Step 3 Surrender

In which Brad ponders what Riboflavin and Faith are, checking in with 12-Step Recovery's all-important 3rd step: "Surrender." Step 3 - "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God." Step 3 prayer: "God, I offer myself to you, to build with me and to do with me as you will. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do your will. Take away my difficulties [obsessions], that victory over them may bear witness of your power, your love, and your way of life to those I would help. May I always do your will!" "We thought well before taking this step making sure we were ready; that we could at last abandon ourselves ...

PTM.org’s Breakfast with Brad – “Moving On” (4/12) – Macaroni Salad and the Flood

Is belief in a literal global flood essential to Christian faithfulness? How did God recreate a ruined world? How has Christ opened the ark to all? And how did Eden create that macaroni salad?

Breakfast with Brad – Q & A: Is preaching God’s all-inclusive love capitulation to ‘the world’?

In which Brad prepares a 'normal' breakfast and answers an important question: Is preaching God's all-inclusive love capitulation to 'the world'? See text beneath the video for the extended Q & A. Question: I love your book (A More Christlike God) because it rings true that the "through line" of our theology must be love and radical self-giving. But how do you guard against the idea that God and/or Jesus may be more wrathful and judging than we like to believe? Response: Great question! First, I notice you're assuming that the problem is that God be more wrathful than we'd want him to be. It may be a surprise to know that quite the ...

“Breakfast with Brad” – Savory Crepes, Pirogies, the Land of the Law & the Land of Mercy

"Breakfast with Brad" - farmer sausage, hash browns & onions wrapped in savory crepes ... OR pirogies for break! ... and a few words on "The Land of Mercy & the Land of the Law"  

Breakfast with Brad – Huevo Rancheros with Brian Zahnd

“Breakfast with Brad” – Prophetic anger vs Pastoral namby-pamby? No.

In which Brad enjoys Canada's commuters' breakfast (Tim Horton's coffee, toasted cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese) while waiting in his car. He questions why prophecy is associated with anger rather than "the testimony of Jesus," etc. "Prophetic" and "pastoral" are no more opposites than truth and love or justice and mercy.  

Breakfast with Brad – Sunriver Yumminess & Inclusion

In which Brad prepares for a day of teaching in Sunriver, Oregon over a gourmet breakfast. Oh, and teases something about our inclusion in Christ's redemptive work.