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What Does Real Estate Have to Do with the Gospel? – Greg Albrecht

Question: Thanks for your interview with Bishara Awad – posted in a blog on October 29.  His comments as a Palestinian Christian, founder and former president of Bethlehem Bible College, are most helpful and eye-opening.  However, I have a question.  You and Bishara both talked about “the land” and how claims to “the land” lead to all kinds of violence, on “both sides.”  But I thought that God promised the land in question to Abraham.  Can you respond a bit more? Response: Thanks for your comments re. the interview I had with Bishara Awad, founder of Bethlehem Bible College… some years ago, but ...

April 2021

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Greg Albrecht: When Jesus Rode into Town– pg. 2 Laura Urista: The Heart of the Matter– pg. 4 Ed Dunn: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled– pg. 5 Brad Jersak: Pastoral Perspective – pg. 7