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August 2022

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Brad Jersak: Faith, Fiction, Fantasy & Truth – pg. 2 Monte Wolverton: IN, Not OF, the World – pg. 4 Greg Albrecht: Fairy Tales, Fantasy & Parables – pg. 7

Tolkien and the Gospel Story by Michael Peterson

We are drawn to stories—good stories. Tales and epics that are well told, the characters and plot so well developed, that we get drawn in, and even though we know the story is fiction, the story commands, as JRR Tolkien stated, secondary belief. We get the feelings as if the story WERE true. We get scared for that character, we care about that character, and we are excited for that character when he triumphs in the end. They engage our imagination in a way that factual stories cannot. Even in our secular time today, we crave such stories in our movies and books. Bettelheim in his book “Uses of Enchantment,” and Tolkien in his essay “On ...