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December 2018

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Brad Jersak: Advent, Arrival, Appearance– pg. 1 Eden Jersak: Arrival of Hope– pg. 3 Brad Jersak: Arrival of Peace – pg. 4 Laura Urista: Arrival of Joy – pg. 6 Kenneth Tanner: Arrival of Love – pg. 8 Greg Albrecht: Kingdom of Heaven – pg. 8 Larry Parsley: J.B. Roane and the Case of the Belated Apology – pg. 12 Steve Stewart: Pure and Wonderful Grace – pg. 14 Brad Jersak: “What Lesson Is God Teaching Me?” -pg. 15

Q&R follow-up with Greg Albrecht – Would Jesus Attend a Gay Wedding?

This Q & A is a response to Greg Albrecht's "Pastoral Perspective" column in the October edition of CWRm. To view the original Q & A, entitled, "Should I attend my gay daughter's wedding?" CLICK HERE and go to page 14. A CWRm read wrote in with this follow-up question and Greg responds.   QUESTION I read your Pastoral Perspective in the October 2017, CWRm and what I get from your answer is, “It's your decision there is no right or wrong answer.” You even claim Jesus attended “sinful and spiritually toxic places.” I would like you to elaborate on that, because I don't know what your are referring to. I'm sure if he ...