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Samson and …?

The life of Samson is filled with scandal and sleaze, yet perhaps one of its great lessons for us is seen in the context of Jesus Christ, so that we realize that no matter how far we may have run from God, God is always near.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR443.mp3

Samson – Stuart Segall

As many of us could attest, my life, all the way into my 60’s, has been a struggle. In times of trouble and despair it is always comforting to find David in the Psalms. Somehow, when we read of his despair and struggles, many of us can relate to those kinds of feelings. How gracious of God to put illustrations of David and his story in the two books of Samuel, the Kings, and the substantial book and writings that David contributed in the Psalms. David, like me, showed a roller coaster of emotions­­--highs and lows. Yet, in the end his is a story of the depth of God’s grace toward us. There are people like me, who considered themselves ...