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Doing the Work by Ed Dunn

I’ll never forget her words: Good job, Ed, good week - you are really Doing the Work! My counselor’s words would ring in my ears from the time I left her office until I would return again the following Friday afternoon. My counselor’s office had become a safe space, one I’d grown more comfortable within with each new visit. Week-in and week-out at a set time and within that comfortable space, her reinforcing message was clear: Keep Doing the work! “A counselor?!” you may ask. “Why did you need a counselor, Ed?” That’s a fair question. As a follow-up to my last column entitled, Let the Past Be the Past, please allow me an ...

What Happened to Hard Work?

Work is a four letter word - some avoid it at all costs.  Most think it's the only way to success.  Greg talks about four ways to rise to the top in our world.  Be sure to listen to "What Happened to Hard Work?" https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/PTR0129.mp3