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The Gospel is Not a Band-Aid

Some people apparently feel that God fits neatly into their hip pocket, right there with their Smart phone, because it seems he agrees with virtually all the decisions they want to make and the things they desire.

Grace at Starbucks

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The Living Years

George W. Bush once said, “We judge others by their group’s worst example, while we judge ourselves by our best intentions.”  On this Father’s Day, we’ll consider what that truth  has to do with children and parents.

To Go or Not to Go?

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Two Kinds of People?

Dividing the world into right and wrong and them vs. us is an exercise that takes us away from Jesus Christ, rather than toward him.

The Burning Sickness

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By What Power or What Name?

Who or what is your ultimate authority – who pipes the tunes to which you dance and who plays the music to which you march?

Pain Love

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Prepare to be Unprepared

When we live by faith, not by sight, how absolutely  prepared  can we be for the unforeseen?   Life, by its very nature, is unpredictable – something always goes wrong.

Refugees and The Passion

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A Transformation – Not a Transaction

Join Greg as he surveys 12 transforming passages that, in concert with all of the gospel of Jesus Christ, conclusively demonstrate that we are saved by what God makes of us, not something we earn or achieve.

Democracy Is Temporary

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