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Repent and Believe

Because repentance involves sorrow for actions we have taken it is an activity that most people avoid like the plague – maybe that’s why nobody ever seems to be wrong about anything!

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

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Hope Now! Hope Always!

No thief can take away our God given hope – our hope in Christ cannot be denied by death, it is impervious to erosion and deterioration.

Visiting Hours

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Everyone is Forgiven

As hard as it is to imagine that God truly forgives us, wrapping our heads and hearts around how and why God forgives others is an entirely different matter.

The Winds Must Blow

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Remember (Communion)

Join us as we examine the meaning, importance and spiritual significance of remembering Jesus.

Reflecting on Grace

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Do We Know the Great I Am?

People are often exasperated when someone they feel should recognize them does not – put the reaction on the other foot. Do we know Who we really need to know?

Trusting God

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God’s Master Stroke

Of all God’s revelations to humanity, one event stands alone as his Master Stroke.

A Month of Love

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Consummate and Perfect Love

The cross of Christ is where the consummate and perfect can be found, the no-strings attached, inclusive, unconditional embrace offered to everyone.

See, Love and Follow

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Removing Religion From Christ-Centered Faith

Religion is like barnacles that attach themselves to a boat or ship. The barnacles on the boat of Christ-centered faith are not the boat, they are religious pills and prescriptions – religious ceremonies and creeds, dogmas and doctrines.