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Moralism, Cheap Grace vs Cruciform Love – Bradley Jersak

Dietrich Bonhoeffer What is Moralism? Moralism is NOT merely the desire to live a moral life. Moralism is a compulsion to justify oneself and to judge others.  Moralism replaces living faith and a desire for God with an emphasis on who is included in or excluded from one’s in-group. It prohibits and requires behaviors based on the moral judgments of my religious community or ideological brand.  Moralism often pits holiness against love, pretending that an ethic shaped by love, mercy and grace compromises holiness, truth and justice. However, Jesus taught no such division. He described being “perfect as ...

February 2020

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Greg Albrecht: God Loves Everyone– pg. 3 Brad Jersak: Religiosity Is Adapting– pg. 7 Stephen Crosby: The Original Prodigal Sons – pg. 10 Debbie Hughes: Deconstruction - a Poem – pg. 12 Sean Davidson: Deconstruction Defined – pg. 13 Brad Jersak: The Mystery of the Trinity -pg. 14

Breakfast with Brad – Moving on from Moralism

In which Brad talks about hot stoves, condoms and confusing morality with living faith! Following this episode, I've included an early draft excerpt from A More Christlike Way (due spring 2019). MY EARLY FORAYS INTO MORALISM (Early draft teaser from A More Christlike Way—spring 2019) GROUNDED FOR LIFE Moralism occurs when we cling to normal childhood rules (do’s and don’ts for our safety) and confuse them with living faith—when we elevate our morality to the measure of Christian faithfulness and flourishing. If only it were as simple as distinguishing between legalism and grace or blaming parents for being overly ...