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Meditation, Stillness and Transformation – Brad Jersak

I had a dream last night -- a discussion with the Dalai Lama, actually. In the dream I saw the consequences of Christianity's failure to engage seriously in Judeo-Christian meditation. While the words "meditate" or "meditation" are scary to some, they are mentioned over 30 times in Scripture ... and never as a rationalist exercise in 'thinking hard.' What the Psalmist describes and Jesus models is a form of God-centered meditation marked by attentive, receptive prayers focused primarily on God's goodness.  Neglecting this practice, we typically skid into one of two ditches. In the one ditch, we see ...

August 2019

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Greg Albrecht: Healthy Faith or Toxic Religion?– pg. 1 Keith Giles: The Gospel: Information or Transformation?– pg. 6 Brad Jersak: Is Christ in All People or Only in Christians? – pg. 10 Peter Enns: The Bible's True Purpose – pg. 12 Brad Jersak: Three Visions of Salvation -pg. 14 CLICK on MAGAZINE COVER BELOW for Flipping Page Format

May 2018

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Articles: Mothers and the Grace of God – pg. 1 A Transformation--Not a Transaction – pg. 2 Five Generations: A Legacy of Love – pg. 5 Conforming and Performing – pg. 7 Quotes & Connections – pg. 8 CLICK on MAGAZINE COVER BELOW for Flipping Page Format