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MLK’s Last Sermon

Martin Luther King Jr, last sermon - under 3 minute video

Hallelujah! Greetings from Greg Albrecht

In these dark, depressing and contentious days, here’s a wonderful video I was sent by a friend.  It’s a brief rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus shot in the over 600 year-old Basilica of Santa Maria Del Mar In Barcelona.  With social distancing guidelines in place holographic images technologically create a feeling unlike one in which a massive in-person choir might.  Anyway, thought I would forward it to you all.  All the best, Greg Albrecht https://youtu.be/9jynUQjIXxM

Silent Night and Christmas Blessings – with love from all of us at PTM/CWR

God is FREE to forgive – Brad Jersak in Moose Jaw!


Gospel in Chairs – Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak, in a short video, explains the Gospel in Chairs.

NFL QB Aaron Rodgers, his religious questions & concerns

Thanos: Is the Villain Kinder than God? Brad Jersak

"The hardest choices require the strongest wills." - Thanos Thanos—the supervillain in Marvel Comics’ latest Avengers movies—strikes a challenging contrast to the God many Christians profess, not least because Thanos compares rather favorably to a lot of our dominant conceptions. Thanos is actually a titan, but close enough. The Greek-sounding name may be short for either Athanasius (immortal) or Thanatos (death), and either would be suitable. In the movie, if he can gather and wield all six coveted “infinity stones,” Thanos will hold the power of space, reality, power, mind, time and soul in his hands, ruling the fate of every civilization ...

Firm Foundation or Christian Bubble? Cindy Brandt

Cindy Brandt is a blogger at CindyWords.comhttp://cindywords.com and at Unfundamentalist Parenting. She is also a regular columnist for CWR magazine.   In this talk, Cindy describes how carefully raising children in a Christian subculture or 'bubble' establishes and reinforces in-out, us-them binaries. Is this really a solid foundation for their faith? Or might there be a better and more beautiful approach to raising children of authentic faith? 

A Cold and Broken Hallelujah – response by Brad Jersak

Leonard Cohen's mournful ballad, 'Hallelujah,' moved me to tears from the first time I heard it (covered by Jeff Buckley). Why so? What is this dissonance between the victorious term of praise when sung in the tones of a dirge? What is it to sing 'a cold and broken hallelujah'?  (see below)                               I cannot speak for Cohen -- though others have (e.g. Liel Leibovitz's A Broken Hallelujah), -- but I can describe my own resonance with my fellow Canadian's lament. The song entrances me with the reality of life and faith beyond the surface ...

“A Little Tree Planted on a Hill” – MLK

"There is a little tree planted on a little hill, and on that tree hangs the most influential character that ever came in this world. But never feel that that tree is a meaningless drama that took place on the stages of history. Oh no, it is a telescope through which we look out into the long vista of eternity, and see the love of God breaking forth into time. It is an eternal reminder to a power-drunk generation that love is the only way. It is an eternal reminder to a generation depending on nuclear and atomic energy, a generation depending on physical violence, that love is the only creative, redemptive, transforming power in the univers...

God’s Rest Ye Mary Magdelene – Deborah Ermter

God's Rest Ye Mary Magdalene by Dvora God’s rest ye Mary Magdalene  God’s rest ye Mary Magdalene  And shelter from the Mob  The judgments made by violent man  Are not the thoughts of God  Who came and told us “Do not judge”  So we hung Him on a cross  For His tidings of comfort and joy  Comfort and joy  Oh tidings of comfort and joy.  God’s rest ye Drunken Sailor  And stillness to the waves  Silence to the lies you’ve heard:  “You’re too strung out to save”  I met a Man at Matthews’s house  With healing in His veins  Flowing ...

Trailer – A More Christlike God – Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak's A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel (CWR Press, 2015) can now be pre-ordered at https://www.ptm.org/uni/resources/order/form_christlike.php Please consider sharing the video trailer for the book:   A More Christlike God – A More Beautiful Gospel from Plain Truth Ministries on Vimeo.