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An Easter Hallelujah

Canadian sisters Cassandra Star Armstrong and Callahan Armstrong sing a beautiful duet at Easter to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with lyrics by Kelley Mooney. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zakpMJrgxXU

Creation out of nothing – Robin Parry – Part 5 – Is it Biblical?

Does the Bible actually teach that God created the world out of nothing? Some scholars argue that it does not and that the idea is an unbiblical import into Christianity. In this video, I look at the way in which creation ex nihilo can claim to be a genuine biblical teaching, even if the Bible never explicitly teaches it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6g2MjB1K4I

Creation out of nothing – Robin Parry – Part 4 – Divine Action in the World

Most of the apparent conflicts between science and religious faith boil down to the issue of how we conceive of divine action in the world. What does it mean to speak of God doing something? If science can explain an event does that mean that God didn’t do it? Does the current scientific inability to explain some events provide gaps for us to slot in some divine involvement? In this video, I argue that many of us, believers and non-believers, need to rethink the way we understand talk of divine action. I try to show how the classical teaching of creation out of nothing provides better ways of making sense of God’s involvement with creation. And ...

Creation out of nothing – Robin Parry – Part 3 – Divine Immanence

This video explores another important implication of the teaching of creation out of nothing—that creation is saturated with divine presence. God is not ‘distant’ from the world but to be found in its innermost heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkwkGzaR4m0

Creation out of nothing – Robin Parry – Part 2 – Divine Transcendence

In this video, we explore further the idea inherent to the teaching of creation out of nothing that the fundamental distinction in reality is that between Creator and creation and that God utterly transcends creation. This makes speaking and thinking about God a VERY tricky matter. But that realization is a step towards humility. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro4Jel69LCM&t=37s

Creation out of Nothing – Robin Parry – Part 1: Overview

This video sketches an outline of the traditional Christian teaching that God created the world out of nothing. Creation out of nothing may appear to be a simple idea, but it is, in fact, a lot more surprising in its implications than many people—believers and non-believers—appreciate. Some of those implications will be explored in later videos. Here I simply map the basic terrain. Whether or not one believes in the divine creation of the world, it is worth taking a little time to understand what traditional Christian claims amount divine creation amount to. At least one then knows what it is one claims to believe (or not to believe). https...

MLK’s Last Sermon

Martin Luther King Jr, last sermon - under 3 minute video

Hallelujah! Greetings from Greg Albrecht

In these dark, depressing and contentious days, here’s a wonderful video I was sent by a friend.  It’s a brief rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus shot in the over 600 year-old Basilica of Santa Maria Del Mar In Barcelona.  With social distancing guidelines in place holographic images technologically create a feeling unlike one in which a massive in-person choir might.  Anyway, thought I would forward it to you all.  All the best, Greg Albrecht https://youtu.be/9jynUQjIXxM

Silent Night and Christmas Blessings – with love from all of us at PTM/CWR

Merry Christmas! - with love from all of us at PTM/CWR

God is FREE to forgive – Brad Jersak in Moose Jaw!


Gospel in Chairs – Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak, in a short video, explains the Gospel in Chairs.

A Cold and Broken Hallelujah – response by Brad Jersak

Leonard Cohen's mournful ballad, 'Hallelujah,' moved me to tears from the first time I heard it (covered by Jeff Buckley). Why so? What is this dissonance between the victorious term of praise when sung in the tones of a dirge? What is it to sing 'a cold and broken hallelujah'?  (see below)                               I cannot speak for Cohen -- though others have (e.g. Liel Leibovitz's A Broken Hallelujah), -- but I can describe my own resonance with my fellow Canadian's lament. The song entrances me with the reality of life and faith beyond the surface ...

Firm Foundation or Christian Bubble? Cindy Brandt

Cindy Brandt is a blogger at CindyWords.comhttp://cindywords.com and at Unfundamentalist Parenting. She is also a regular columnist for CWR magazine.   In this talk, Cindy describes how carefully raising children in a Christian subculture or 'bubble' establishes and reinforces in-out, us-them binaries. Is this really a solid foundation for their faith? Or might there be a better and more beautiful approach to raising children of authentic faith? 

Trailer – A More Christlike God – Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak's A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel (CWR Press, 2015) can now be pre-ordered at https://www.ptm.org/uni/resources/order/form_christlike.php Please consider sharing the video trailer for the book:   A More Christlike God – A More Beautiful Gospel from Plain Truth Ministries on Vimeo.

Grant Corriveau: An Uplifting Pilot

https://vimeo.com/377392562 Congratulations to CWR's friend and author, Grant Corriveau. After publishing Uplift: A Pilot's Journey with CWR Press last year, Grant has followed up with a self-published sequel, Airline Pilot: A Day in the Life. Grant's memoirs are highly readable, frequently funny and sometimes hair-raising. If you'd like to experience a slice of life behind the pilot's door of an airliner, check him out. Both books are now available on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle formats: CLICK HERE to visit the page and order a copy. Pilot's Endorsement: Captain Corriveau has written a humorous and entertaining account ...