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The Word of God – Greg Albrecht

The first chapter of John is the New Testament counterpart of the Old Testament creation story recorded in the first chapter of Genesis. The Genesis story is focused on the physical and mortal beginning, with the creation story in the Gospel of John placing an emphasis on the spiritual and eternal beginning (the phrase “in the beginning” used twice in these two verses). John introduces us to Jesus, God in the flesh, the WordThe Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us – John 1:14. When God became man and wanted to tell us all about who God is, Jesus became one of us. As the Word of God, Jesus is the Master Communicator ...

A More Christlike Word by Bradley Jersak

The third book in the “More Christlike” series by Brad Jersak A More Christlike Word - Reading Scripture the Emmaus Way The Scriptures are an essential aspect of the Christian faith. But we have often equated them with the living Word Himself, even elevating them above the One to whom they point. In doing so, we have distorted their central message—and our view of God. Tragically, this has caused multitudes of people unnecessary doubt, confusion, and pain in their encounters with the Scriptures. Many people understand God as being truly loving and good. Yet, they struggle with depictions of God in Scripture as wrathful, violent, ...

Winter 2015

Articles: God...More Than a "Christian"? -p4 When Poetry Devolves into Doctrine -p8 He's There For You & With You (God With Us)- p10 Why I Still Believe in God -p18 How the WORD Read the Word -p23 God Is Just Like Jesus - p25 God Is Love...and Love Never Ends -p26 You Are Worth More than Chewing Gum! -p31