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October 2023 CWR Magazine

CLICK HERE to read: Greg Albrecht: For Those Who Are a Little Banged Up – pg. 2 Richard Rohr: Adopting a Beginner’s Mind – pg. 6 Brad Jersak "What is God Teaching Me?" – pg. 7 If you have found our magazines helpful, please consider subscribing (free online). And if you'd like to help us help others, please consider sharing it with others and hitting the "GIVE NOW" button below. TO GIVE NOW

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Reflections Along the Jesus Way

September 26, 2023 - Quote for the Day: “Our spiritual transformation is not a process where we sit and watch.  God does not force us to grow.  We must consent to our growth.  We consent initially, when we are spiritually re-born.  We consent on a daily basis, as we yield to our Lord Jesus Christ, as the Lord of our lives.  As we consent to him we grow, and with growth comes growing pains.  God mercifully and carefully and gradually changes us.  He challenges us.  He works with us, teaching us and slowly and inexorably making us his very own handiwork ...

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7 Deadly Sins – Pride and Greed

Today we hear a lot about dysfunctions, shortcomings and chemical imbalances — but not much about the sin which plagues all of us. Greg begins this 3-part series on the Seven Deadly Sins with a look at the sins of pride and greed.

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