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Conforming and Performing – Monte Wolverton

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Is It The End? – Monte Wolverton

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Why I Still Believe in God – Monte Wolverton

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Abraham Lincoln – A “None” Before His Time

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Contending For the Faith

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Back to Normal? by Monte Wolverton

As the coronavirus was just peeking over the horizon, my wife Kaye began to experience disorientation every time she awakened from sleep or a nap. Beyond that, she became weaker and unable to care for herself. After many tests, doctors are still working on a diagnosis—but the bottom line is that she requires 24-hour care. This was a huge change for both of us. Suddenly we were pretty much restricted to our home. Just as suddenly, the coronavirus descended on the country. Our Washington State Governor Jay Inslee ordered everyone to stay at home. For my wife and I, what else was new (aside from the threat of an insidious disease with dire ...

Winter 2015

Articles: God...More Than a "Christian"? -p4 When Poetry Devolves into Doctrine -p8 He's There For You & With You (God With Us)- p10 Why I Still Believe in God -p18 How the WORD Read the Word -p23 God Is Just Like Jesus - p25 God Is Love...and Love Never Ends -p26 You Are Worth More than Chewing Gum! -p31

Nov-Dec 2015

Articles:  The Visitor - page 1 Apart From and before God's Grace - page 2 Fellowship of the Unashamed - page 4 Perils of Bible Dissection - page 5 Reading the Bible Right - page 6 God Loves China - page 7

May-Jun 2015

Articles: Gateway to the Gospels: Luke - page 1 Unsnatchable! - page 2 The New Covenant: Part 2 - page 4 Reading & Understanding the Bible...Part 2 - page 6 Tangled Trees - page 7  

Summer 2015

Articles: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For -p4 Would you Choose the Truth Over Christ? -p11 Would you Choose Christ Over the Truth? -p12 "The Bible clearly says..." -p13 You Can't Imagine How Much He Loves You -p15 The Church As We Know It -p17 Regret--the Silent Killer -p18 Rx for Remorse, Regret, Resentment -p22 In the Shadow of the Mushroom Cloud -p24 Behaving Badly -p26 The Calf Path -p30 The Only Way to Really Get It -p31

Spring 2015

Articles: Welcome to CWRm!  - p4 The Truth Is Beautiful -p6 Abraham Lincoln: A "None" Before His Time -p7 Walking Where Jesus Walked? -p14 Politics & Christ-Followers -p16 Just How Does "Dying for Our Sins" Work? -p17 Deserve's Got Nothing to Do With It -p18 Up Against Religion -p20 God Lets His Children Tell the Story -p21 Massacres in the Name of Religion -p23 Why the Cross Matters -p25 More than a Magazine (2014 Year in Review) -p26 Whitney Houston: Was She or Wasn't She?? -p28  

Jan-Feb 2015

Articles:  Transitions: Past, Present & Future - page 1 Jesus -- Superior and Supreme - page 8 Gateway to the Gospels: Matthew - page 13 Death, Loss, Pain & Laughter - page 16 All Jesus, All the Time - page 17 Grace & Response: First Things First - page 19 The "Typhoon of Steel" - page 22 Why We Believe What We Believe - page 23 The Kiln - page 30 You and Me and Our Father - page 31  

Winter 2014